Britton Construction Delivers Excellence By Combining Flawless Design With Superb Craftsmanship.

A home represents one of your family’s most important investments. We believe it must do more than simply increase the financial worth of the property. The quality and value of the work you put into your home should result in the home of your dreams.

At Britton Construction we wholeheartedly agree.

We pride ourselves in the dream homes we have created for many customers. We support you to realize this vision by:

  • Understanding Your Needs and Wants
  • Serving as Your Advisor on All Aspect of Creating the Home
  • Ensuring Your Design Has Aesthetical Distinction
  • Introducing Personalized Functionality
  • Incorporating Sustainable Features Wherever Possible
  • Employing Craftsmen for Quality Workmanship
  • Standing by You Beyond Completion of Your Project.
Call us today so we can meet and begin the conversation about your vision and how we can help you to achieve excellence in what you want to build.Founded by Bob Britton in 1973 as a full-service residential and commercial contractor, our four decades of experience allows us to safeguard and make the most of your precious resources.

Whether a renovation or a custom built Britton Home, our craftsman’s perspective means a pragmatic approach to what works and what does not work – this means we can transform your space into your vision efficiently and effectively.

Since the beginning, Britton Construction has earned a solid reputation for integrity, creativity, dependability and value. We are committed to customer satisfaction and operate from a platform of building everything with quality, finishing on time, and respecting your budget.

Having completed over a hundred and fifty projects, our clients have continuously shared comments about how we are a dedicated and skilled team of committed construction professionals and that they truly enjoyed working with us.