Creating A Distinctive Commercial Presence

For the last 40 years, Britton Construction has been responsible for a variety of commercial projects — ranging from condominium developments to the fit-out of retail spaces to restaurant renovations. We have built or added onto banks where new technology was a critical element of the overall facility design. These projects are approached as if they are “boutique commercial buildings” seeking a distinctive public presence. Each is unique as no two commercial structures have the same objectives.

While our overall approach to a commercial project is similar to a residential project, the fact that the scale of the project is often larger and the need to consider public access means that there are some differences. The key considerations are:

  • Codes: We work closely with the architect to ensure that the standards established for ADA compliance and health and safety protection are met by the products used and the approach to actual construction.
  • Coordination for an active building: When a firm remains open for business during a renovation, comprehensive and ongoing planning is required to ensure that all parties understand what is happening, when it will happen and how they could be impacted.
  • Cost Control: Often allowances are established for certain scopes of work, when final details have not been fully addressed/designed or the exact scope of work can’t be determined. We work closely with the design team, our sub contractors, and vendors to determine what solutions are realistic.
  • Continuous communications: For any building project to be successful, it is imperative to have ongoing communications with the owner’s rep and design team.