Providing You With Customized Remodeling

We know that no two remodeling projects are the same. However, what is the same on every Britton renovation project? The customized level of care, effort and quality we put into the work we complete for you. Frequently, renovations and additions can involve unforeseen conditions. Our team has the experience, expertise and creativity to evaluate, anticipate and overcome challenging situations and then do what is right for you.

We believe that it is important for a new addition and/or renovation to compliment the design of your existing home.

There are important details worth acknowledging. We have found the following can make the difference between a good end-result and a renovation or addition which you would describe as excellent:

  • Pro-active Listening: This cannot be emphasized enough as it allows us to be truly in synch with what you want to keep and to create.
  • Seamless Construction: Delivering additional and upgraded space that integrates with what exists only you will know what is new your guests will simply experience a wonderful environment.
  • Respecting Funds: When we are able to finalize a budget that can accomplish the agreed to scope of work and requirements, we can start. We are then diligent in working within the allocated funds.