I would like to provide a recommendation on behalf of Bob Britton and Britton Construction. Bob is one of the most competent and talented builders I have had the privilege to do business with over my career. In 2010, Bob and his company won a bid to build our Exeter branch which opened in the fall of that year. This branch is the jewel of all our branches. More importantly; this project was the only one I have been involved with in the 9 years that I have been CEO that came in on time and on budget. We have built 6 branches in 9 years and renovated a 7th.

These are difficult economic times and the cream sure comes to the top. Bob is fun to work with; but he also is very serious. He pays attention, and has a wonderful sense of pride about his reputation for the quality of his projects. He has a very capable team that includes Chris Currier, who actually ran the Provident job on behalf of the company.

I also want to mention that our architect on all of our projects has been TMS of Portsmouth. The principal of TMS, Bill Soupcoff, was part of our selection team when we decided to award the project to Britton Construction. Together they proved to be a great team; and I would encourage you to talk directly with Bill for his insights to Britton Construction and Bob Britton himself.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. As you can see, I am clearly a fan of Bob and Britton Construction, and I assure you that you will be very pleased with your project and experience should you decide to award the contract to them.

—Charles R. Cullen

The renovation of our Danvers office is completed, and I am pleased to say that it looks beautiful! Our updated lobby and teller area maintain the traditional colonial feel of the historic building. The new customer service area provides more space and privacy for our customers to conduct their banking business. This, along with our comfortable new waiting area and attractive landscaping, gives the people of Danvers the very best banking experience possible.

—David J. LaFlamme