My wife Kristina and I had been thinking for the last several years about renovating our 100 year old beach house. Through the fall of ’04 and spring of ’05 we noticed Britton Construction signs across the street from us. During that time we saw the comings and goings of framers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, siders, and the like.

While change took place at our neighbor’s house we witnessed the early arrival each day of the workers and observed their diligence, all day long, every day until the job was completed. We visited the worksite on several occasions and had the opportunity to talk with the workers and look at their craftsmanship.


In early 2007 we contracted with Britton Construction to renovate our home. Two major features that we wanted to incorporate into the job were to redesign the exterior and to expand the living room into an adjacent room. This presented it’s own engineering problems as the house had a second story put on thirty years earlier and had been consistently under built, Bob’s extensive experience building in the coastal environment and talent for design proved to be a time saver by resolving our design and engineering issues without the use of an architect.

—Dan and Mary Ann Varoski, 2007

Thanks to the 2007 renovation by Bob Britton, our home remains dry and solid after nearly seven years of exposure to harsh coastal weather conditions, including a one hundred mph storm that damaged many other properties. We remain very satisfied customers of Fine Homes of Britton. -Best regards

—Dan and Mary Ann Varoski, 2013

We have just completed the renovation of our 1930’s bungalow style home. The project began in November 2005 and was completed in April 2006. The renovations required the house to be completely gutted and the second story removed and replaced. Throughout the project, we were very impressed with the professionalism and quality of Britton Construction.

—John Leary, 2007

After living for over 7 years in a Britton renovated home , I am extremely pleased with the end product. Our visitors are still very complimentary about the design and construction of the house. It has been very important to me to know that I can count on Britton Construction for follow up with me and help me when I have questions about who they recommend to help me maintain my home. Also since the construction, Chris Currier and the rest of the Britton crew have been extremely helpful and responsive in resolving any minor warranty issues. Bottom line is, Britton Construction stands behind their work and is there for their customers.

—John Leary, 2013

I would like to provide a recommendation on behalf of Bob Britton and Britton Construction. Bob is one of the most competent and talented builders I have had the privilege to do business with over my career. In 2010, Bob and his company won a bid to build our Exeter branch which opened in the fall of that year. This branch is the jewel of all our branches. More importantly; this project was the only one I have been involved with in the 9 years that I have been CEO that came in on time and on budget. We have built 6 branches in 9 years and renovated a 7th.

These are difficult economic times and the cream sure comes to the top. Bob is fun to work with; but he also is very serious. He pays attention, and has a wonderful sense of pride about his reputation for the quality of his projects. He has a very capable team that includes Chris Currier, who actually ran the Provident job on behalf of the company.

I also want to mention that our architect on all of our projects has been TMS of Portsmouth. The principal of TMS, Bill Soupcoff, was part of our selection team when we decided to award the project to Britton Construction. Together they proved to be a great team; and I would encourage you to talk directly with Bill for his insights to Britton Construction and Bob Britton himself.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. As you can see, I am clearly a fan of Bob and Britton Construction, and I assure you that you will be very pleased with your project and experience should you decide to award the contract to them.

—Charles R. Cullen

The renovation of our Danvers office is completed, and I am pleased to say that it looks beautiful! Our updated lobby and teller area maintain the traditional colonial feel of the historic building. The new customer service area provides more space and privacy for our customers to conduct their banking business. This, along with our comfortable new waiting area and attractive landscaping, gives the people of Danvers the very best banking experience possible.

—David J. LaFlamme

Judy and I wanted to express our great appreciation for the magnificent job you did reconstructing our house on Plum Island. You took over a project that had been in a lot of trouble and you turned it around. We always found you to be extraordinarily responsive; always keeping us fully informed of the project as it developed.


This letter is written in thanks and appreciation to Britton Construction. In late 2006 our house was destroyed in a fire, we subsequently interviewed several builders to rebuild our house deciding on Britton. From the beginning of the process in the design phase through permitting and construction Bob Britton and Chris Currier exemplified their outstanding reputation as being thorough, knowledgeable and truly caring about their projects.


Many thanks for your prompt attention to this matter! We know that our paper work will turn up one of these days and in the mean time we are grateful for your help!

We have grown to love our new space and are finally getting on with the process of finishing up the details! Of course it was never a Britton Construction issue—it was that it all turned out so differently than I had envisioned for 20 years!!!